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Hands up if you love Starbucks Swaps . Follow , & for the best fitness, nutr…

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Hands up 🙌🏼 if you love Starbucks Swaps
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📸 Credit: sorority.nutritionist ❤ Found out TODAY🎉 that all things pumpkin spice👻 are back at Starbucks, so had to get this recipe out of the TSN weight loss swaps vault💁🏼‍♀️ for you fit babes!
Full disclosure, you can have the regular pumpkin cream cold brew🎃 and still lose weight when ing The Sorority Nutritionist❤️ weight loss method! That’s because when you realize calories are money, you can spend them on FUN🎉 foods in moderation without sabotaging your fit babe body goals👯‍♀️
That being said, if you’re like me and my clients and love to order FUN🎉 seasonal🍁 drinks often… try this swap to save on calories and added sugar🙏🏻 so you can enjoy all things pumpkin this Fall while pursuing your weight loss goals🔥
👈🏼On the left is a grande pumpkin cream cold brew (250 calories, 31 grams sugar)
👉🏼On the right is a grande cold foam cold brew with 2 pumps sugar free vanilla (instead of regular vanilla) and 1 pup of pumpkin sauce in the foam (70 calories and 14 grams sugar)

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  2. Specify that you want the foam made with nonfat if you’re gonna do this cuz most of the time we assume you want it made with the sweet cream bc that’s the standard drink also you’re gonna have to wait for the fall for this drink unfortunately 🥺 but you can still get the regular nonfat cold foam and we can make it with sugar free vanilla 🥰

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